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When I started taking TransFemme, I decided to take half the recommended dosage (four pills per day). I didn’t want to develop too fast, and by cutting down on the pills, I would only have to buy pills every eight months instead of four. A year later, I have most certainly saved a couple hundred bucks, and I’m developing small, beautiful breasts to boot. But my desires have also changed over time, and now I have a strong desire to feminize myself even further.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what the pills have done to my body so far, especially my breasts. My nipples give me the most amazing sensations whenever I play with them, and I was absolutely thrilled the whole time that my breasts were sore and had hard buds underneath (though the soreness has faded and the buds have become soft). I also love how my previously-flat chest now visibly pushes outward, no matter what I wear. It isn’t enough for people to suspect anything, as long as I wear loose t-shirts. I don’t dare wear my tight clothing anymore though, since they make my breasts look like those of a young teenage girl.

The slight feminization I’ve experienced has been an amazing experience, but it has left me craving more. Now that I have some extra money saved up, I have committed myself to take the full dosage of eight TransFemme pills per day until the end of the year, and perhaps longer. I am hoping that the increased estrogen will overpower my body, giving me more development than what I’ve had the past year.

Part of me hopes that I will be able to hide my future breast development, or pass it off as a typical case of gynecomastia. Those fears, however, are overpowered by a wish that my breasts will develop to the point where bras and women’s tops would actually look good on me. Man, if only I could have my cake and eat it too! Well, if not, at least I’ll be able to hide my breasts easily through the cold winter months, giving me time to decide how to deal with my feminization and my coming out of the closet.

So, as of now, my daily feminization regime will consist of four TransFemme pills in the morning and four at night. We’ll see how it goes.

I apologize for my blogging hiatus these past few months. My transition is coming along, slowly but surely. I am still taking only four TransFemme pills per day. Even though it is really tempting to take the full dosage and get quicker results, I’ve only taken half of the recommended pills because I can save money while still getting gradual results (I only use four bottles every eight months). Also, it gives me more time to get accustomed to my small-but-growing breasts.

Back in March, I also started using Natureday Breast Cream twice daily. I decided to try it because of all the positive reviews they have on their website, and because it is cheap (a $35 jar of cream can last me 1-2 months). I use the cream right after showering and right before bed, putting a bit of extra cream over each nipple. It’s hard to tell how much of my recent growth is from the TransFemme pills or the Natureday cream, but I’ve definitely noticed exciting changes these past few months. Though my breasts are not detectable through my everyday clothing yet, I can definitely notice the growth when my shirt is off, or when I wear tight shirts (which I never do in public).

My feminization journey hit several high points recently. In early April, I noticed that my nipples felt pretty sore. I was wishful that my breast development would take off, yet I was very doubtful. But only a few days later, a small nodule developed under each nipple. I can’t even describe the excitement I felt! The nodules continued to increase in size, and right now they are each about one inch in diameter. They don’t seem to be growing as much right now, but I still feel the soreness and tingling, so hopefully they’ll continue to enlarge!

Also, a few weeks ago, I noticed some weird sensations on my nipples during the day. It almost felt as if I was lactating, but when I would check my undershirt, it would be completely dry. It continued for a few days, and eventually I decided to squeeze my nipples to see if anything would come out. To my surprise, I was able to get a few drops of thick, clear fluid (colostrum) out of my nipples. I think it would be amazing to be able to produce actual breast milk, but I guess I’ll have to wait.

My permanent hair removal is going quite well. I think my legs and thighs are going to be completely hairless very soon. I probably would’ve finished several months ago, but I’ve found it hard to make time to shave my legs and use the Silk’n on them.

When I first used the Silk’n, it left a bunch of hairless square patches, but there were some spots where it didn’t work very well. I gradually increased the treatment intensity over time, with slightly better results after each treatment session. Right now, I treat each spot twice at the highest intensity (despite the warnings), and so far, it has done an excellent job of killing the hair follicles. I think the only reason I have a little bit of hair left on my legs and thighs is because it’s hard to keep track of where I’ve zapped.

Well, that’s how my feminization is going right now; slow and steady. Hopefully the next few weeks and months will bring even more exciting changes!

Exciting Milestones

Hey everyone,

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Here are a bunch of comments that I copied from a blog post about TransFemme a while back. Of course, I only copied the comments that caught my interest, so they are mostly positive towards TransFemme. I don’t remember reading about any negative side effects though, and the only negative comments I remember were from someone whose results weren’t as good as they were expecting (they only achieved an A-cup).

If you decide that TransFemme is right for you, click here to find out how to save 5% on your purchase.


Now that my breasts are firming up to fill my 42C bra,I have come to the desision to go back on Bountiful Breast for another 6 months.What has happened with me is ,the bigger they get ,the more feminine I get,which in turn makes me want them larger. I don’t want to get too top heavy. I am going to have to monitor it very closely . My breasts continued to grow for another 6 months after I had stopped taking the pills. It has also given me back some of the hair that I have lost due to male pattern baldness.


Since I ran out of Bountiful Breast about 2 months ago, they have continued to grow ! I went from a 40C ,to a 42B . My measurements are changing too ! I was 42-30-41 ,I am now 43-29 1/2-39. I am getting the figure I wanted ! My voice has also changed ! It is softer and lower ! It is getting harde trying to conceal and hide my changes. Now I have women at work, starring at me in the area of my breasts !


When I stopped taking Bountiful Breast , ( used them all up ) I had ended up a size 40B . Now almost 2 months later, I no longer fit into a 40B ,I have to wear a 40C ,and the fit is perfect. All I want to do now is to drop my waist from 30 inches ,down to 28 inches. I want to do this ,but I also want to keep my breasts the size they are . A tea from Fennel and Fenugreek seeds has been suggested to me to keep my breasts while losing size. My body has lost all signs of masculinity as now I had gone from being 38-32-38 ,to 42 1/2-30-41 . I have to wear baggy shirts to work ,because my breasts and nipples really show through. It is impossible to hide the shape of my hips , I cannot wear jeans that have the seat of the pants at knee level . Womens jeans fit better ,but I can’t wear them to work ,they would really draw attention . It seems that the women that I work with ,are starting to treat me differently . They seem to be closer and friendlier .I have recieved compliments on my shape from male workers,but I think the female workers might not know how to approach the subject .


I think that the main reasonwhy you cannot reach customer service is because they no longer produce the product for people that don’t changed their minds. If it were my business,I would do the same thing ! All of the risks are in black and white. Nothing is hidden from consumers. They have laid all their cards out,if someone changes their mind ,then oh well too bad ! Myself,I deliberately took Bountiful Breast with the intentions of growing beautiful breasts . I was suprised on the amount of feminization I got from their product !After being off of everything for 3 months,my breasts are still growing !They are firm ,rounded ,and very feminine looking breasts ! I love them ,and I love the way I look ! With none of my female family members under a C cup ,I was told that my breasts could grow for another year! If that is true,with the rate I have grown,I could possibly end up a D cup ! That wouldn’t be too hard to pass up ,seeing a lot of genetic girls only dream of having D cup breasts ! Enjoy them ,I am !


Yes they do say to never underestimate TF. That is why they prefer that crossdressers not purchase their product because down the road, they suddenly find themselves becoming too feminine and either try to stop the process or turn back to being a male. It is most often, at that point, too late, they are changed for life. I am told this happens often with crossdresser who experiment with TF thinking they are in control of what goes on. They are not.


Hello, I was “one of those guys” you mentioned that got nervous when “the real thing” began to “really happen”. After taking Transfemme for several weeks, I was disappointed that the only change I was noticing was my mind changes. The following weeks I began to experience some budding of the nipple area and I thought that was great! Then, over the next couple weeks I began to notice the entire sub-breast begin to accumulate fluid. Again, I thought that was great! That continued and to me they were becoming noticeable. On came the tingling, itchiness, tenderness and some pains! And some more fullness. A few days later I decided to stop Transfemme to minimize the tenderness. It then became worse and I noticed the sub-breast AND the area behind the nipple accumulating more fluid (and size!)and I panicked! All I could think was “OH MY GOD!”, I was finally getting breasts for real! What a totally different feeling that was over that of wanting and fantasizing about growing breasts! The real thing made me scared, especially so because I had stopped the pills! Luckily, over the next weeks, the tenderness did very slowly begin to subside and I relaxed and reasoned with the fact that I was the one who had really wanted breasts to begin with! Why was I so scared when they began to grow! Because the “real thing” is wild! Circumstances in life have found it necessary to move back home and care for my mom for the time being, so my level of dedication of taking transfemme has been less. I am taking much less per day now for a little while. While I love the “idea” of having D breasts, I know when they start to grow again, I will probably panic again. This time though, I will not stop taking them! I was told by Transfemme that it is very normal to “panic”, even though I wanted breasts, as many girls go through the same feelings when they begin to grow! At this moment I am not quite a B cup yet either, but, they are noticable when I wear a tight t-short in public! I have long hair that I think helps “get the message across” to others as to what I am up to!


Hi, I think it is great you have chosen that path and you have had great results! How long were you on it before you stopped? How long were you on it before you noticed changes going on? I was told that I might not feel anything at all for a month or so but to NOT consider that as a sign that TF is not working… Sometimes TF makes un-noticable changes at the cellular level and by the time you start to notice things, it’s already permanent!


I agree, if you are in doubt, perhaps Transfemme may not the best product to choose. Breast enlargement and bodyfat redistribution, specifically to the buttocks and thighs, can be, if not permanent, very VERY long lasting. Some changes that can occur when you stop Transfemme are the slow return of “male’ish” bodyhair. The hair shaft can slowly return to being thicker as it once was and possibly darker. The rate at which it grows back can become faster than when you were on TF. This especially true with facial hair. Your head hair could do the opposite, as the female hormone level in your body decreases, head hair growth can slow and male pattern baldness could eventually begin. Feelings of feminity can also decrease in time. Your skin could change back to being male. Notice I say these are some things that “can” or “could” occur if you stop taking TF. The sooner you stop it, the better the chances for “going back” might be. There is no guarantee whatsoever that they will! Some “weekend women” have found themselves “caught in the mousetrap of Transfemme”. And get out of it they do not. As stated before, and by several posters here at that, ONLY TAKE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU TRULY WANT IT TO TURN YOU INTO A WOMAN!!! Nice smooth hairless legs,arms and skin, pretty nails, beautiful thick hair, jiggly female breasts and buttocks, if you are nervous about these attributes being permanent on you, the advice is DO NOT TAKE TRANSFEMME!!


Regards to being swept away by Transfemme: The concept behind using Transfemme is to make the hormonal balance of the male to become that of a woman – permanently. (Male to female hormone modulation therapy.) From then on the body would produce and use more estrogen than testosterone and physical changes would be obvious – feminine curves – breast and hips, and lack of erections.

While the exact moment when this shift takes place does vary among individuals, it appears that 3-6 months of continual use of Transfemme is the recommended method to obtain the transformation. It may take longer or you may make the switch earlier.

This product is to be used only by those who are serious about being female such as a transsexual woman.

You should read all the information available at the Transfemme website.

For those males who just want to have breasts, but otherwise stay functionally male – using herbs (phytoestrogens) is the way to go. You can grow permanent breasts, but still maintain your testosterone production.


I have had more changes since I have stopped taking BB , breast cream and Diosgenin . My voice has gotten softer and lower ! Not deeper , volume is much lower,and it indeed is soft ! I am one that never had to repeat anything .I have had more changes in my breast area too! About a week ago , I had a 42 1/2 inch bust . Now it is 43 inches ,and I am wearing a 42B bra.My frame has also changed ! It was 38 inches , it is now 37 inches. That brings my measuements to 43-29 1/2-40 ! It is getting harder trying to hide these measurements while being at work ! Now I am getting remarks such as ” You are starting to look good if you know what I mean ” . I am getting that daily ! Where I work , there are a lot of people that do not like people that change genders . I found that out after I had already reached the point of no return . There is no going back from where I am now ! It also seems that my feet are getting smaller ! I was wearing a 12 shoe ,now I am wearing a 11 ! Now the 12’s slide right off my feet ,where they fit snug, not tight and comfortable . The length of my penis has even gotten shorter and the diameter is also smaller . It is now under 3 inches in length ,and about 1 1/2 inche wide ! I have heard of others having wild changes! What do they consider wild changes? I love all my changes !


You are very welcome. I should have also added that the Botanical Beauty lab offers a Bovine Ovary product “package deal” that includes Pituitary and Kelp. I believe they are the same ingredients in the Bountifull Breasts and Transfemme product but I am not sure how the amounts compare. Beware though, these are “glandular” supplements as opposed to “herbal” ones. The breast growth herbal topical creams seem to, for the most part, limit their effect on just the breasts. Occasionally one sees other minute feminizations. To what extent the herbal capsules or tablets might feminize one, I do not know. I do not believe the feminizations from herbals are always permanent either. I think maintenance dosages are necessary for some. As one TG indicated to me, herbals are good “training hormones” for weekend he/she’s because they give the user a taste of what he/she wishes for. The glandulars however, are ingested, not topical so they are systemic, meaning they can, and very often do, affect every single cell in the body over time. The feminizations they cause are varied from mild to wild and often not reversible, at least not quickly. I am familiar with one TG who took the glandulars for several months and quit them due to the expense and lack of satisfactory results. About a month or so later he found himself wierdly undergoing surprising changes and could not put the brakes on! Luckily, for him, he was cool with those changes, just initially scared by what was happening, both because he had no control over them and because he had stopped consuming the B/O tablets!


I would like to let individuals know that if you take Bountiful Breast ,or Transfemme,You had better make sure that you will want to live as a woman for the rest of your life! I switched to Bountiful Breast exactly 9 months ago after being on estrogen and other supplements for a year. I wanted better results. I got what I wished for,and they are continuing to grow ,even though I stopped taking them 2 months ago. As of when I stopped ,I was wearing a 40B bra. My breasts are firm and more than a handful .To let you know how big they are,if you know the size of a Breast pump, that has a measuring scale in it ,I am at the 12 mark ! I have also noticed that I have changed in many other ways also. If you don’t want any cat calls ,this isn’t the way to go,because you will get whistled at ! My waist has changed . I went from having a male 32 inch waist to a higher womens 30 inch waist . My chest when I started was 32 inches,my breast size is now over 42 inches ,now I have to a wear a 40C as the 40B is getting too tight. My hips also changed . It went from a mans 38, to a shapely womens 41 inches. That is very shapely being 5’10”.My skin has gotten very soft,and my emotions have changed immensly. I have to warn against something else ! If you don’t want to lose your manhood, I would not suggest taking Bountiful Breast or Transfemme past the 5 month mark ! I can tell you about how it has changed me ! My penis was almost 10 inches , to date ,it is a hair over 2 1/2 inches ,my testicals have shrunk , I can no longer have erections ,and my sperm count doesn’t make the chart . I have been totally feminized ,and there is no return for me. I was told by the Dr. that I need to make apointments to see an Endocrinologist and a Gynocologist so that my options can be discussed. This is the path that I have chosen ,I knew that it was permanent ,and I chose to take it. You need to be sure that is what you want ! I have not been paid to scare someone,I just want them to know first hand from someone that has gone through it,to know what to expect. There is one thing that I would like to know about ,and that is about fennel and fenugreek . If boiling water for tea,how much water ,and how much fennel and fenugreek is used ? Now that I am off Bountiful Breast , I would like to try this tea.


More is less! I tried that for a week and it was counter productive. I called TF and asked them if taking 10 instead of 8 would speed up the process. They told me it might actually slow down the process, so I would actually be wasting my money. They said 8 a day is the maximum and the most effective dose. But they also said if physical changes come too fast (a problem I wish I had had!), you can slow them down by cutting back to 6 or even 4 per day. … but start at 8 per day. The owner told me of one case where someone reached their goal (B cup) in about 2 months, but finished taking their 100 day supply anyway because he had paid for it and didn’t want to waste it. That person kept growing for another three months all the way to D cup and a very hourglass figure. The strange thing was that he was just having fun and experimenting with trying to grow small breasts. But the experiment took him over and “rewired his brain” … it turned him from a normal, straight male into a male to female transsexual. At first he panicked and called the company for help. They said, sorry, there is no turning back and ‘to just enjoy the ride’. And enjoy the ride he did. HE eventually went on to full SRS. Be careful! TF can do strange and wonderful things to you.


I would say yes and here is why… There are at least, two major components to breast growth: Tissue structures are created and fat is deposited. The reason most programs suggest at least 6 months of use is that this is, generally, more than enough time for the structural component to be put into place – connective tissues, ducts, etc. Fat is then stored around these connective tissues and you have a female breast! And it seems that this is a one way street – once the body receives signals (breast enlargement program) to make these tissue structures and then completes the job (after 3-6 months of signals). Stopping the signals (the program) does not tell the body to reverse that job – it stays in place and becomes permanent. Note that the fat cells now in your breasts can get larger or smaller. If you gain weight from your current body weight, than the fat cells throughout your body will get larger (including in your breasts). If you lose weight, than similarly, fat cells shrink and breasts might get smaller. If a man with breasts or a woman goes on a diet, I do recommend taking phytoestrogens during that time to help encourage the body to send more fat cells to the breasts and maintain their size. I can’t say that this will work, but it seems a reasonable idea to me.


Hello, I have been reading your posts for a short while now. As far as the TF changing ones “orientation” to make TF males to get “turned on” to males, it is entirely possible and one must consider such before taking TF. One should heed the disclaimer they give that TF should ONLY be taken by those with full knowledge and who are desirous of transitioning into having female body attributes. Other warnings on their FAQ page, such as continuing to grow boobs after you stop TF, losing your erections (and hence “orgasms”)reduced or loss of bodyhair permanently, need to be heeded. Once the body is reprogrammed, that’s it. You need to want to be a woman before deciding to take TF, because, if it works in your particular body the way it is supposed to, you will end up being a woman. I know someone who was on TF. He is now a she, for good. The TF was stopped, nothing returned to being “male”. The boobs stayed, as did the erectile dysfunction and feminine traits. They are now a permanent part of “her” daily life and forever will be. Occasionally “she” wondered if she” did the right thing. “She” is for the most part happy being femmed, but does admit “I didn’t think it would sweep me away and completely take over like it did” Oh well. Besides the disclaimers and warnings, enough posts indicate “be sure this is what you want”. Truer words have never been spoken. Love to you all and thaks for a great product!

Hello :) That individual I knew of on TF was the brother of one of my past co-workers. I remember her talking many many times of him being on “mailorder pills that weren’t cheap” (as she described them) for a very long time. She mistakenly called them “transxfemale or something”. I later learned it was Transfemme. I recall her first mentioning it around the time my dad passed away which was in April, and then again talked of him spending the money he received for the xmas holidays on “those same damn pills”. In between I also remember her talking of chewing his ass out because he ventured into what she called “actual estrogen’ pills that were supposed to have a prescription and he was “going to kill himself with those if he kept screwing around with stuff that strong” so it is my feeling is that she pulled the plug on that monkeybusiness rather quickly. So, that’s at least a nine month span I will say he was on TF.. His hair is very long so he’d been into femming himself for evidently a long time. He was around 26 at that time. I do know that he lost the ability to obtain erections completely because i distinctly remember her laughingly asking me how the hell any guy could be happy not being able to get it up at all for the rest of his life! She said his girlfriend reported “it does NOTHING, zilch, anymore”. I got to know him for a short time when they rented the other half of my duplex for a few months before they moved back out West. It was then he/she mentioned doing the right thing, TF taking over, etc. etc. I will say, whatever it really was that did the magic on him, believe me, it did it very well. I would class his breasts as being full C cups. On a small torso I would describe as maybe 5’3″ and about 130 pounds, they were quite impressive! I am very intrigued by all this, even to the point of mentioning it to my physician. She questioned me about them and then read me the riot act: “OMG! Don’t you DARE let me find out you’re taking pills from an unmarked bottle”!


To answer your questions, today is day 173 and after a long plateau period, I’m beginning to grow again, I think. My breasts are just noticeably bigger and the last few days, they have become tender and sensitive to touch. I also notice a bit more “jiggle” and movement on my morning jogs. Still only A+ size … a disappointment. But it has been only 5 1/2 months and it take a young girl 2 to 4 years to fully develop her breasts, so I should not be too impatient. About the ingredients, the containers give no details. The owner explained that they are not herbals, instead they are bovine ovary extracts that have been processed to induce your body to process your own testosterone into natural estrogen: a process called aromatization. Older men do this naturally, to some extent. That is why so many of us develop gynecomastia as we age. The owner said they have applied for a patent because the process they developed in a lab is unique. She would not disclose details. She said that once your body is reprogrammed to turn testosterone into estrogen, the change is permanent and irreversible. Chemically, you become a woman. Because the change is permanent and irreversible you will never have to take hormones to maintain your feminine body shape. So make sure this is what you want before taking Transfemme … you will be stuck with the results the rest of your life. Not to worry, it also reprograms your brain (she said), so that you will most likely love the end result. In other words, Transfemme will feminize your brain, not just your body. After 6 months, I will have crossed the point of no return, I hope (6 months is average). February 14 will be 6 months for me. I will most likely reorder another three months to make sure I can never go back. I really want to be stuck with an hourglass figure and C or D cup breasts! … either C or D, not one each, Ha ha! … my left side is almost B size now, on the right, just A size. … Good luck with your decision! Make sure it is what you really want!


On a personal note, I started out using Transfemme for about 5 or 6 weeks. I then switched to phytoestrogens when I realized that I did not want to have a complete feminizing experience, but only wanted breast growth. I had no adverse reactions to taking the recommended dosages, and certainly experienced some breast growth and rush of femininity while taking transfemme.


Transfemme and Bountiful Breast don’t work the same on everyone . I have been off now for a little over 3 months .Mine are continuing to grow fuller and now more outward . I can no longer hide the under oversized shirts,because my nipples stand out more ,and you can see the outline of my breasts.My wife has already told me that she knows what she is packing for me when we go on vacation. She has told me that she is going to pack all feminine clothes and my new 2 piece bikini’s for our stay in the Carribean !I no longer have the butt of a man,it is completly formed into a female form .My male jeans do not fit properly ,but the way they do ,really brings to lite ,my female figure! I just wish I had done this 25 years ago !


Greetings from hot and humid upstate NY. Days like today spent in a bra might very well give some a few second thoughts about their D-cup+ wishes and extreme enlargement goals! I am sure alot of your wives will agree. In early May I encountered a situation I didn’t expect in terms of being made to wear a bra. Last Summer I began playing with Transfemme for a month or two with some but minimal results. To be entirely truthful, I got scared at what was happening and stopped before Transfemme took control of me. After a break, I got my thoughts and desire to be femme with breasts back and, needless to say, resumed Transfemme. This time when the changes came upon me, I knew what I had experienced the first time around and didn’t get as scared. Money became an issue around the holidays so I had another break but purchased more just after the New Year. I was never 100% faithful at following the instructions and quite a few times only took a couple of them a day to stretch out the bottle. I quickly noticed that each time I began to take them after a break, the resulting feminizations became more pronounced. I loved the sensations and all, being very hapy I was starting to quickly get some real size (a full B) and constant jello jiggle to my new breasts. I was also very pleased that it linerally enlarged my aerola sustantially in addition to laterally which in turn forced my nipples to really protude. That’s where the not-always-so-fun parts of breasts for males came into my life. First, what I was doing to myself divided the office where I worked. It was obvious I was feminizing myself and those who supported me began to mix with those who didn’t like oil and water. I sadly saw some close friendships nearly end. Second, I was told by my supervisor that breast size wasn’t the big issue at the moment. What was deemed unacceptable was that, no matter what size shirt, usually a tee, I wore, my nipples looked like “the ends of sticks trying to poke through a trash bag”. I was told in no uncertain terms by her that when I came to work that coming Monday they had best be under contro. She coldly and strongly told me to get my backside out that weekend and get some bras and be prepared to wear one every day or do some work on my resume. I share your dreams of them getting larger yet, I am just writing because I have noticed of late that there are many wishing for D’s +. There’s alot that goes with them and not all is so fun. I’m not sure what types of jobs you may have or what your breasts will bring on, but, always remember to be careful of what you wish for. The novelty of a bra will likely wear off for you, it did for me at times and I swore I would be in heaven when I had to. They are a bitch, especially in climates as the one I, and thousands of women are, enduring right now. There have been several mornings I have not looked forward to donning the “over the shoulder boulder holder” but, I have no choice now.


A few weeks ago I called the TF customer service person and asked what happens after SRS when testicles are gone and no more testosterone is being produced. She said that it would then be necessary to begin taking female hormone pills every day, because my body would no longer have any testosterone to convert into estrogen. How ironic! Taking TF makes you chemically a female with no need to take maintenance doses of estrogen … that is, until you go all the way and have SRS to become a woman … and then it’s back to estrogen pills. I’ve noticed that even after being off TF for over 2 months, my breasts continue to grow slowly. I have no idea how long I will continue to grow, but so long as my breasts keep growing, there is no need to go back on TF. On the other hand, it is possible that going back on TF at this time might just cause my breasts to suddenly ‘explode’ to D size or even bigger. Hmmm! That is a very tempting thought … if only I could afford another $1,200 worth of TF capsules!


I too have lost my erections ,but I started losing mine 4 months into taking Bountiful Breast! Now it has been over 4 months since I took any pills ,and my breasts are still growing .It is almost impossible to try to keep my nipples from standing straight up and to keep them from showing thru whatever I wear.Another thing about my penis,it has gotten very tiny.I only have about an inch left of my penis that hasn’t disappeared.My body seems to me on automatic pilot now with weight distribution .My legs have slimmed down more ,and they have no signs of ever being masuline . I was on Bountiful Breast for only seven months.Eight pills a day ,4 in the morning ,and 4 an hour before I went to bed. I had been given estrogen without knowing from an ex. I had taken it for 3 months before I was noticing changes .

I was on Bountiful Breast for only seven months.Eight pills a day ,4 in the morning ,and 4 an hour before I went to bed. I had been given estrogen without knowing from an ex. I had taken it for 3 months before I was noticing changes.

First I have to let you know that 1 ,I was not niave about her giving me estrogen ,at the time ,she said that they were for my hair and nails. I was starting to get male pattern baldness and she was turning it around,she just didn’t tell me exactly what she was giving me ,and I had no reason not to trust her ! In the course o the time I had taken the estrogen,I did notice changes ,but getting soft skin I didn’t think there was any reason for a red flag. It wasn’t until after we broke up that my breasts started to blossopm. That was the time I started to wear bras, It seemed like I no more than bought the A cup when It started to get too tight. Right now,I am growing out of a 42B. I am not taking any hormones of any kind ,but the feminization just continues on its own !

No ,she didn’t give me TF or BB,I think what she was giving me were her birth control pills. It wasn’t long after the break up that I started taking Bountiful Breast. I acually love growing out of my bra. I already know what I would look like with D’s . My masculinity has dissappeared. My penis is no longer functional,I have to sit all the time ,when I have to go just like a biological woman .


Hello, yes, I certainly agree we all are very different. I also agree that “TF” does sometimes work in wierd ways. I ended up staying on “TF” for just under seven months, HOWEVER, I too, due to disappointing results, also nearly quit at the four month mark. When I started to lose my erections and evaulated that no other slightly remarkable changes were taking place, I began to think what it would be like to be a “male” without a functioning penis. I didn’t want that, so that is when I nearly stopped. If I grew breasts and became feminine in other respects and then lost the erections, that would have certainly been fine with me. As it turns out, I took my sister’s advice to finish out what I had purchased. Amazingly, a few weeks after that four month mark, my aerola began to swell and become larger in diameter, I obtained a slight but wonderful jiggle and my emotions began to change for the better. I wondered if I would be, like some “TF” users, scared at the coming feminizations, but, as it was said perfectly in a previous post, the “Transfemme trap” and the “getting swept into the “black hole” evidently came over me and made me love the changes! I might go as far to say it was like an “addiction” as my mind began looking for the pills and was very eager to take them. I guess it is safe to say it was “reprogramming “ me as they say? But anyways, yes, I think you should at least consider re-trying it, or something! You obviously took them because you wanted to be a woman, and that, to me, is something that shouldn’t be taken away from anyone. One more shot at it must just be the “trigger factor” or “jump start” your system needs. Let’s all hope for the best and please let us know if you do re-try!


I can tell you one thing about Bountiful Breast .It is the same thing as Transfemme .When I stopped taking BB after 7 months ,my breasts still grew. There was about a one week that it seemed like there was no growth,then all of a sudden they started growing again.My waist is narrowing ,and my hips have been totaly feminized .The muscle tissue I had has vanished. At one time ,I had 18 inch biceps,now they are 14 inches and still getting smaller. I hope you enjoy BB as much as I have !!


Good morning, my experiences are as follows: I first started with herbals to grow breasts. After several months, I has some minor growth, tingles, ans slightly feminine mindset. I knew my heart wanted more so I ordered Transfemme. I share your being “a little scared” about what it says it might do to your penis. Anyways, I took them. The results were, so far, small boobs, more feminine headhair, slower growing, softer and finer body hair, more pronounced and feminine butt, legs and arms. And, a soft penis that doesn’t orgasm anymore. How do I feel about that? Well, let me tell you, Transfemme also conducts it’s business on you emotionally. My initial concerns about my penis being a softy and having boobs that I wondered how I would hide if they grew too large were very short-lived! Transfemme told my brain to love the changes and it did! This was not something I felt I had control over! Initially I said to myslef I would try Transfemme for alittle while thinking I could stop if I chose to. Not so, at least with me, thankfully!! The more feminine I became, the more my body called for more Transfemme! As their website and papers say, only use this product if you want to be a woman!!!!!! Did you completely read all the “warnings” that came with your Transfemme capsules????


I was on Transfemme for ten months (August last year to June this year) and I LOVE what it did to me! The only disappointment has been that I’m not to B cup size yet, but they are still growing slowly. In addition, I have been on herbal hormones since January this year. I was bald one year ago, but have grown back about 60% of the hair I lost when I went bald eleven years ago. As they warned on the TF website, I have lost all erections and my male parts have shrunk perhaps to only 20% their former size. I love it! And my wife doesn’t miss sex, as we hadn’t had sex in over five years anyway … by mutual consent. I knew all this would happen and did it anyway, hoping it would happen. I know these changes are permanent and irreversible and I’m hoping that in my case TF will continue to have a delayed effect even now after I have discontinued it. I am hoping to eventually have a very hourglass figure with D cup size breasts.


With TF it’s all or nothing. If you stay on TF long enough to ensure an hourglass figure, then welcome to womanhood! After six months on TF I found it impossible to get an erection, but my it took another three months before I saw significant shrinkage of my ‘male parts’. I still look like a guy … at age 64 I’ll never look like a Playboy centerfold … but my wife tells me I look ten years younger now. As for my breasts, no need to hide them yet. They are only A+ cup and I’m a large person (6’2″, 200+ pounds), so my boobs look like very large ‘pects’ under two layers of loose clothing i.e. T shirt and baggy shirt. However, I no longer walk around naked to the waist, because there is no mistaking my breasts for anything other than nice, small round female breasts. In addition, I’ve lost almost all chest hair (I never had that much, but whatever I had is 95% gone). All it will take is for me to lose 3 inches off my waist and add another inch or two to my bust line (to B cup) and I’ll have a somewhat hourglass figure. I’ve put a few inches on my butt/hips, so none of my jeans fit me very well anymore. I suspect by now ladies jeans would fit me much better. When I buy me first B cup bra I’ll most likely get my first ladies jeans. I might still look like a guy, but inside my head, I’m female, and there is no turning back. TF makes you WANT to be female, even if you start out only wanting some female attributes (nice breasts or hourglass figure) and retain other male function. So beware!


“Beware” is a good way to put it. Use this product only if you want to be a woman. Women have breasts, round hips and act feminine. They don’t have, or want, erections. Like it was just said, if you start taking Transfemme wanting only alittle feminization, it is a good bet you’ll soon “want” to keep taking more. Your brain, not your conscious thought, will make you “want” more feminization. Once that “want” feeling occurs, the vicious (but wonderful and most likely unstopable!) circle has begun! Somewhere in an earlier post it was said that you’ll be “swept into the black hole of Transfemme past the point of no return”. There are several guys who have played around with Transfemme thinking they are “in control” of what happens and can stop anytime they want…They soon discover they are a woman for life with no ability to go back! Use this product ONLY if you are 110% sure you want to be a woman, otherwise, play around and watch how Transfemme will make that decision for you!!


TF comes in a plain brown corrugated box from “Avalon Therapeutics” (the sender). If you order 13 1/2 months supply (that is at two capsules per day) each box will contain three bottles of 270 capsules each … a total of 810 capsules. The labels on each bottle say “Bountiful Breast” and bear (or ‘bare’ ha ha) a color photo of a beautiful, bikini clad young female with luscious, long blonde hair and a ‘figure to kill for’. If you are like me, when you see the photo of that young woman, you will envy her more than lust after her. Oh, how I wish I had been born into a body like that! The box is shipped via Fed Ex ground, if you live in the USA and you can call and request to have you pick the package from the nearest FedEx depot. You get a tracking # when you order. Good luck!


For anyone that has doubts about anything Bountiful Breast or Transfemme claim ,I am living proof that their claims are true. As I have stated before , I started with a 38-32-38 male physique with just shy of having a 10 inch penis. Now to this minute , I have a very feminine 43-30-41 figure and my penis is close to 3 inches of silly putty. I can no longer have erections ,and in order to use the facilities,I have to sit all the time. Do not get me wrong,this is what I wanted ! I do want larger breasts and a slimmer waist .Since the end of March ,I haven’t taken anything ,but my breasts continue to grow in spurts. My hips have also widened in the past month. I can no longer fit in men’s jeans without drawing attention to my hips. I can no longer hide by breasts. I was wearing mens 44 tee shirts and sweatshirts to hide them. Cannot do it anymore. If the size of my breasts didn’t give it away,my nipples would have!It also seems that all the muscle that I had built up when I was bodybuilding ,is now just a thing in my memory. I no longer have any masculinity left. To really let you in on how much I look like a woman, I went to a Halloween party in my wife’s wedding gown veil, garter, white stockings, makeup,pettycoat,train ,the works ,and nobody there recognized me at all ! I even got hit on by a couple of close friends of mine,but they never found out any different ! I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life now that I am on my way to living as a woman !


I have just grown out of my B cup ,and now I am a 42C. At this time,I don’t know when they will stop growing. I contacted Bountiful Breast and they told me that it was amazing that I have been off for 7 months and they are continuing to grow. They told me the longest time of growth after stopping use ,was 6 months.I also told them about my male jeans not fitting ,because they were tight in the thighs ,and very loose in the waist. They told me that was normal ,and it time for me to start wearing womens jeans! They want me to do a testimonial,but I had told them that my wife had told me that that was out of the question. She could take my crossdressing as long as it didn’t cause her embarrassment.By the way ,to the person that is wondering if lavender promotes breast growth ,it is only temporary. As soon as you stop using it,what ever growth you had will start to dissappear, and you will go back to your original size. try a tea with saw palmetto,fennel seeds ,and fenugreek seeds. Don’t expect breasts overnit,they will grow!


The first thing Transfemme did was enlarge the area behind my nipples to about the size of half a regular egg. Then the rest of my breast area slow began to retain more fluid. As this happened there was quite a bit of itchiness and some pains here and there. Some of those pains can be sharp! My wife says that is normal for some women to experience. Within the first month getting an erection became impossible. Transfemme says this usually takes several months. During the second month I began to see I was acting and feeling quite a bit more feminine in areas such as hand and arm movements and speech. The tone of my voice didn’t change but it did refine my voicebox and I found myself talking ALOT more! In the following months my bodyhair regrowth slowed to a snails pace which was very fine with me! My skin did get much softer and I have began to see quite a bit of fat re-distribution as my behind has rounded out and softened quite a bit! As far as my penis actually shrinking goes, I think it may just be so small from not getting erect in so long. I hear this is VERY common, so, if you want to keep your erections, Transfemme is not for you. Some women use Transfemme to punish their cheating husbands. It works. You gamble, you lose and forever because the results are permanent. I have noticed my nails grow faster and my cuticles have receeded about an eighth of an inch. I have not noticed any changes in my feet other than softer skin. As far as faces go, I have seen long thin faces on genetic females. Our advise is to really think this over because this product is inteded only for those who desire to become females permanently!!!!!!!!


Yes, the mood changes are very real. I seem to cry easier and just have a happy go lucky attitude most of the time. feeling my boobs growing is a unique experience. I quit the first time because I kind of freaked out when they began swelling, however most of it was fat. But I could feel the “little grapes” forming behind my nipples, they are sensitive to massage. But here I am again, decision time. My disc’s have not began to form yet but i imagine it won’t be long. I guess that really is the point of no return, and make my nipples protrude a lot more. The sensitivity is what makes this hard to stop because it feels good. After a couple of beers, standing out in a cool breeze i can feel a pleasant buzzing all the way deep into my boobs.


Hi, yes, I have had a very substantial reduction in penis size from Transfemme. Part of the reason it gets smaller is because the tissues no longer fill with blood to swell into an erection. I began on Transfemme several months ago slowly. First I took two per day then four per day. Once it started to make erections difficult, my wife upped me to six per day to rid the erections completely which it did. Once we began to notice it might be getting smaller, she upped me to the full eight per day to see if it would make it get smaller and the reduction occurred rapidly! Many men who become slaves to women because they have cheated are placed on Transfemme for this very reason. Once you think it might be getting smaller, you are well past the point of no return. And stopping Transfemme to halt the reduction doesn’t work, as your body is well on it’s way of running things by itself and you will most likely keep getting smaller. My penis is about the size of my thumb right now which my wife finds absolutely hilarious.


I was just over 7 inches at full erection and almost 2 inches wide. Then came Transfemme. I didn’t really get any results other than tiny breast growth and feelings of femininity during the first couple of months, so, I purchased more. Then things started to happen! My breasts started to grow which excited both my wife and I immensely so, you guessed it, we bought more. I noticed alittle difficulty in obtaining erections and a slight reduction in size so we figured I would be safe for another month or so. At about the same time my breasts began to really grow, my penis suddenly went limp, totally! In the couple of weeks that followed, I swore it was shrinking. She laughed alot at that! At the end of that batch, she teased and prodded me into buying more. Now, at the end of 7 months, I have full B cup breasts and a penis that measures just over 3 inches long and less than an inch wide! And yes, you are correct, the TF woman does enjoy hearing of that amount of shrinakge!


Hi, my wife did the same thing to me! When I finally started to grow breasts, she changed her mind about my discontinuing the Transfemme and ordered me some more. Another two months she said and that should do it. Well, I lost my erections and she upped it to three months! Then, once I began to show signs of shrinkage, she said we couldn’t stop now as she absolutely had to see how small it might go and ordered me more yet! I asked about the expense of all this and she laughed it’s all very worth it!! And yes, one of the the tf staff members does enjoy hearing, and talking, about cases of penis shrinkage!!


I think alot of women enjoy males that go through, or get put through, penis shrinkage. I have my sister-in-law to thank for the demise of mine! After several months on Transfemme, with nice breast growth and loss of erections, my wife commented how, is i stayed on it, it would shrink my penis. The following day she presented my wife with the funds necesary to purchase another round of TF for me!! She absolutely had to see my “weenie go teenie”. And she did. It’s just over 2 inches long and about 1/2 inch diameter.


There is one thing that is very important for men wanting to grow breasts. A lot of people , male and female , get a little depressed that after taking a product for a couple months and don’t see any results. They stop and look for another product. That is not the way to do it ! Good things come to those who wait !Patience is needed when one is trying to grow breasts !Some people have faster results do to body chemistry. Once you stop taking BB or TF ,don’t think that because your breasts are not growing ,it isn’t working !It may be continuing to feminize your body like it has with mine !After I stopped , my breasts stabilized. After about two or three months,the tingling came back in the morning and at bed time ,and they grew some more. When I first grew out of mens jeans ,I was wearing a juniors 13 . Now I am wearing juniors size 11 and they are getting a little on the loose side ! I have been off of BB for well over a year now.I just wish BB could feminize my face the way it has with the rest of my body ! If you are asking why I started , it is very easy !I have always felt as though I was a female. If I could have gotten my hands on BB before I went through puberty, I would have had the face to match my body ! But without money,things are tough . I am happy with the results I have ,but I am not done yet !My thoughts and fantasies and dreams are all feminine in nature. I can never go back ! I had talked to Jules at BB ,and she had told me that she was happy for me ,and that the estrogen in my body has taken over and is in control of my body !When I get everything together ,my body shot along with breast shot will be on their site !When other males see what it has done for me ,they will be amazed !


I think those non-believers should be “sentenced” to nine months of Transfemme! They would change their tune then! Nearly two years ago my wife saw what TF did to a male, he was the husband of her co-worker who was a closet crossdresser and snuck the pills behind her back, “testing the waters” as you say. Anyways, he was caught and forced to take TF!!!! He is now feminine, with boobs and his once hard throbbing penis is no larger than a woman’s thumb!!!!! And it is soft, permanently!! So, yes, sentence them to nine months of forced Transfemme!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited to continue feminizing my body! Last week, I gave into temptation and purchased more TransFemme pills. I guess I missed the amazing sensations my nipples were giving me, which went away gradually after I ran out of pills a few months ago.

I ordered four bottles of TransFemme, and I started taking them when they arrived on Friday. I plan on taking four pills a day, since I don’t want to grow breasts too quickly, and because it will be enough to keep my nipples super sensitive for the next eight months.

Even though I am only taking half of the recommended dose, I am amazed at how fast my breasts seem to be filling up. Throughout the transgendered forums, I always read about how people are shocked at how fast their breasts grow while starting TransFemme after a break. I think the same is happening to me; it has only been six days and my breasts look huge to me. I guess they’re not that big, since they’re not even full A cups yet. Even so, I think they’re bigger than they were in May, when I ran out of TransFemme. Plus, it’s so encouraging to see noticeable differences in their size each morning. I’m not sure why people grow faster after taking a break, but now I know for myself that it does happen, and I hope it continues for a while.

I’ll be posting a first week update in a few days, complete with pictures. Until then, I send you all my best wishes of femininity!

I wish that society was more tolerant of us who desire to feminize ourselves. It would make our transitions so much easier and less stressful (and maybe I would be living life as a woman right now instead of just dreaming about it)! But with family and work commitments, and because of our church, neighbors, and friends, some of us are hesitant to change our physical appearance in a way that may threaten those relationships.

That is the situation that I find myself in. If society were perfect, I would be loading myself up with estrogen (figuratively speaking, since estrogen can be dangerous in high doses) and wearing attractive feminine clothing all the time. However, I know that my friends and family would be devastated if I were to adopt such a lifestyle. That’s why I am just growing small, concealable breasts and dressing up in private only.

I know that there are many people out there who feel the same way as me. There are also others who are courageously becoming as physically feminine as they can, ignoring the norms that society places upon us.

So I am wondering, in what category do you fall under?

Well, I ran out of TransFemme pills in the middle of May, after taking the full dosage for about a month and a half. Even though my breasts are not large enough to require a bra, their growth has been very noticeable. They are still easily hidden under a loose shirt, but when I am shirtless or wearing a tight shirt, I can see them pushing outward (they used to be completely flat). I am surprised that my breasts have not lost any size since I stopped taking TransFemme over a month ago. My nipples are still very puffy, and I love the sensations that they still give me when I touch them.

I am taking a break from the TransFemme pills over the summer. I plan on buying four bottles sometime in September, and I will resume taking the full dosage to increase my breast size over the winter months.

I think it’s funny that, as everyone is looking forward to the summer months, most of us who are feminizing ourselves are wishing that winter could last all year. Winter is, by far, my favorite season. Not only do I love being outside in the snow and seeing everything covered in white, but I also like being able to dress in layers and wear bras and camisoles without anyone noticing. This past winter, I occasionally wore water bras, silky camisoles, and other feminine clothing under my shirts and sweaters. I loved the thrill of hiding my fake female figure from others, and I also loved the feeling of the clothing on my skin. However, with the summer months coming, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to wear such things under my t-shirts (at least not yet).

Anyhow, right now I’m debating as to how I should continue taking my TransFemme pills through the summer. Part of me wants to continue taking eight pills per day until the end of May (when my last bottle will run out). Hopefully by then, I can grow even larger breasts and also experience that “rush of femininity” that I always read about from TransFemme users.

One of my worries, though, is that I may grow too large, which would make it hard to hide my breasts through the summer months. This could be a problem, especially since I’ve heard of many people who continue to develop for several weeks after they stop taking TransFemme. In other words, if I stop taking the pills because my breasts are too noticeable, they would likely continue to grow even larger for a few weeks.

That is why I am also considering taking only four pills daily through the summer months. That way, my development won’t be as rapid, but I will still be able to enjoy the increased sensitivity of my puffy nipples and the subtle sensations of my slowly-developing breasts.

Either way, I’ll probably make a decision by the end of the month. And I’ll likely continue taking the full eight pills per day, for better or for worse.

Even though I am just beginning my journey into womanhood, I have been taking several hormone treatments over the past year.

The first product I tried was the Maxi Strength Breast Gel from the Transformation website. The bottle lasted me about two months, and by the time I finished it, my nipples were quite puffy. I didn’t place a second order because I was startled by the changes in my nipple, and I didn’t know how well I would be able to hide my breasts if they were to continue developing. Plus, I didn’t like having to wear the gel under my shirt throughout the day, since it would make my chest stick to my shirt, and it didn’t smell too good either.

A few months after finishing the gel, my desire to have breasts came back. I began to read about bovine ovary pills, which promised permanent feminization by causing the body to produce its own estrogen. I became interested in one product in particular, called TransFemme. I explored their testimonials and surfed various message boards, and I was impressed at how quickly people developed female characteristics while taking the pills. I thought it was almost magical how people would fall into the “TransFemme Trap” and lose control of their feminization. Some people talked about how they were only planning on developing small breasts, but after taking TransFemme, they had strong desires to feminize even more (like an addiction). Others talked about how they stopped taking the pills after reaching their desired breast sizes, but their breasts continued to grow uncontrollably.

Enticed by the posts I read, I decided to order a bottle of TransFemme pills to see if the stories were true, and if the product actually worked. Even though I was terrified of growing my breasts too large, I was hoping that the pills would force me to completely feminize. By taking TransFemme, perhaps I would develop an overpowering desire to feminize my body completely, or maybe I would be forced to accept my new feminine figure as I would be powerless to stop my body’s development.

It took me about seven months to finish the one-month supply. First of all, I only took four pills per day, instead of the recommended eight. I figured that I would need to take less pills since I am a smaller person. Also, I would challenge myself to take the pills in sixteen-day intervals, but after each interval, I was afraid to continue because my breasts were developing so rapidly. Even though I finished the entire bottle, my breasts didn’t develop too much because I wasn’t taking the pills continuously.

Last December, I decided once again to purchase TransFemme. This time, I bought three bottles, and I challenged myself to take four pills per day continuously, until the bottles ran out. I continued for three months, and my breasts began to grow noticeably. Even so, I didn’t notice any feelings of femininity, and my breasts were growing slower than I had hoped for.

So last week, I decided to start taking the recommended eight pills per day. After one week, my breasts have become even fuller, and I absolutely love how sensitive my areolas are (they were sensitive before, but WOW!). I still haven’t noticed any feelings of femininity, but maybe those will come with time. I plan to continue taking the full dosage for another month, after which my three-month supply will run out, and I will have to decide whether I want to continue or not.

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