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I wish that society was more tolerant of us who desire to feminize ourselves. It would make our transitions so much easier and less stressful (and maybe I would be living life as a woman right now instead of just dreaming about it)! But with family and work commitments, and because of our church, neighbors, and friends, some of us are hesitant to change our physical appearance in a way that may threaten those relationships.

That is the situation that I find myself in. If society were perfect, I would be loading myself up with estrogen (figuratively speaking, since estrogen can be dangerous in high doses) and wearing attractive feminine clothing all the time. However, I know that my friends and family would be devastated if I were to adopt such a lifestyle. That’s why I am just growing small, concealable breasts and dressing up in private only.

I know that there are many people out there who feel the same way as me. There are also others who are courageously becoming as physically feminine as they can, ignoring the norms that society places upon us.

So I am wondering, in what category do you fall under?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how large I want my breasts to grow. Even though I have always found smaller breasts to be attractive, sometimes I think it would feel so amazing if my breasts grew excessively large for my clothing.

One day, I hope to have A-cup breasts. That way, my breasts would be large enough that I could wear a bra and look good in feminine clothing. Also, they would be easier to hide if I were to go out as a male. In fact, during the winter months, I love wearing water bras under my shirt and hoodie to see how well I can hide them (nobody has commented so far). Even if I didn’t have to worry about how society viewed me, I think I would still go for A or B-cups, since they just look so attractive!

So I am wondering, if you could have breasts of any size and not have to worry about hiding them, what size would you prefer?

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